My transcription service is calculated on the length of the audio to be transcribed rather than the time it takes me to transcribe it. This way you know exactly how much a job will cost before it has started. A minimum of 15 minutes of audio must be ordered. If you require less than 15 minutes of audio to be transcribed, you will still be charged for 15 minutes. If I deem a recording “bad audio”, I will advise you before transcription starts that the “bad audio” fee will apply so that you can advise me whether you still require the transcript.

Student – $2 per audio minute (must show ID)

Two voices (e.g. a one-on-one interview) – $2.50 per audio minute

More than two voices (e.g. a focus group) – $3.50 per audio minute

Bad audio – $3.50 per audio minute

Please email me for an exact quote.

Proofreading and editing

Proofreading is $60 an hour. Copy editing is $80 an hour. See services for how they differ.

Please email me for an exact quote.

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